Sober Living Program

sober living program

Three phases of treatment. Minimum of 90 days.

The average stay in our sober living program is 6 to 9 months. During that time, our clients are engaging in recovery and participating in daily community groups, individual counseling, and working while living in the recovery residence. 

Our goal is to support clients as they re-enter the workforce and larger society to help them gradually become financially and emotionally self-supporting.

We have found 90 days to be the recommended minimum length of stay for any client with substance abuse issues seeking long-term recovery.

All of our sober living clients initially enroll in our Phase 1 program. At the end of that phase, our treatment team assesses each client’s unique progress, needs, and mental health to determine the recommended course of treatment on a case-by-case basis.  

Phase One – 90+ Days

Our most highly structured phase of sober living occurs in the first 90 days when clients are most susceptible to relapse and need the most support. This is a critical and challenging period. A vulnerable, newly recovering addict is tasked with rebuilding life from the ground up—including facing previously ignored responsibilities, emotions, and fears. Being in a safe, supportive, well-organized living environment can often serve as the key element for long-term recovery.

Phase 2 – 90 Days

In Phase 2, clients have more autonomy to allow for a more flexible work schedule, but they continue to live at the recovery residence, and keep a routine that includes individual counseling and groups at Arise. As their physical and emotional states continue to fluctuate, long-standing dysfunctional habits that were developed during active addiction still need to be examined and replaced with healthy recovery-focused routines. During this period, drugs and alcohol continue to leave the system, and physical and mental health begin to improve. At this time, clients often begin to experience better sleep routines, improvements in liver function and digestion, and increased energy and stamina. 

Independent Living – 12-18 Months

Arise Independent Living offers safe, supportive, and structured living conditions appropriate for people who have successfully completed Phases 1 and 2 of sober living at Arise or successfully completed treatment at another facility. Recovery from a substance use disorder is an ongoing process, and people in early recovery often need to find a safe and sober place to live after treatment that allows them to transition from a residential treatment program to life back in the outside world.